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    More about Knowme Shapers.

    When purchasing shapewear, you have to keep in mind that style, quality, and comfort always come first. The KnowMe shapewear collection is inspired by our belief that shapewear should be luxurious. Our beautiful shapewear collection is both luxurious and affordable. We are not offering a cheap solution, rather quality shapers that will support you comfortably and reliably. We pride ourselves on offering shapers that enhance without being obvious. KnowMe shapers are designed to be worn everyday. Our shapers will shape, slim, and trim you comfortably. We have elegant shapers with lace and intricate designs, in order to provide you with an elegant and chic shapewear collection.


    Chic Shapers, Slimmers, Waist Cinchers, Camisole Tops, Leggings, Panties and Slips


    Our shapewear collection is diverse, and we offer shapers and slimmers that are meant to be versatile. For example, our 3 in 1 shaper can function as a waist cincher, shaping tube top as outerwear, or a shaping slip undergarment. Our shapers are also unique because many of our shapers and slimmers are designed to be worn as either outerwear or undergarments. We use lace and beautiful designing to create shapers and slimmers that look as chic camisoles and tops do with the combined power of discreetly shaping and slimming you. We offer waist cinchers, slips, full slips, cami slips, panties, briefs, camisoles, leggings, high waist panties and leggings, girdles, and we are constantly adding new products to our online store to include bras and many new shapers and slimmers. We offer a collection of shapers and slimmers of which you can be proud. Pair our shaping leaf motif camisole with our shaping leaf motif brief in the colours nude and black. All of our shapers combine style with function.


    Seamless Shapers & Slimmers with Style


    Our shapers and slimmers that are not entirely lace are completely seamless, which means there is no chafing. Seamless shapers and slimmers best work to create an hourglass figure. Seamless shapers and slimmers have stronger compression in the middle than the top and bottom sides to create and hourglass figure. The compression target areas are determined by the type of garment and the level of control. Our leggings and bottoms will lift and support your bottom, for example. We pay attention to trends in fashion and the latest technology to create shapers and slimmers with the optimal functionality, comfort, and fashion forward style. Wear our shapers everyday, and they will hold you up, hold you in, support you, slim, trim, and shape you reliably, comfortably, and discreetly. Perfect for any occasion, KnowMe shapewear is sleek, chic, classic, classy, style savvy—KnowMe shapewear knows it all.

    We know our market and are able to compete proudly against other women’s shapewear brands: Spanx, Assets by Sara Blakely, Body Wrap, Rago, Maidenform, Flexees, Body Magic, Squeem, Miraclesuit, Naomi and Nicole, Playtex, Donna Karan, Vedette, and Dr. Rey.


    Shapers, Slimmers & Girdles for Women


    A shaper is the modern day corset. Women use slimmers and shapers as cinchers, foundations, and girdles. Shapers and slimmers refer to shapewear. Seamless compression body shapers have been worn and endorsed by celebrities from Oprah to top plastic surgeons because of their ability to lift, smooth, and flatten your bottom, breasts, thighs, waist, stomach, tummy, hips, or full body for total body shaping. Shapewear is a safe alternative to plastic surgery and caffeinated garments that combat cellulite. Seamless compression body shapewear is a quick and easy solution for targeted body slimming, shaping, contouring, and support and also enhances your natural shape. From plus-size to curvy to any body type or shape, shapewear is best to create a smooth silhouette shape, make you look slimmer, contour to lift and support, and conceal undergarments under clothing without lines, without bulges, and without creases. Even our competitor Spanx can’t compare with KnowMe shapers and our elegant women’s shapers and slimmers that function as both undergarments and outerwear.


    Compression Girdles for your Body, Stomach and Waist


    Girdles were used to create the body curves needed to achieve the body shape of the pin-up look of the 40s and 50s. The girdle came after the corset and is used around the lower stomach and hips. Now seamless shapewear has created a new technology for the corset and girdle. Girdles are still worn today, by women and by men.

    Shapewear is the modern day girdle, corset, and foundation, but the function and goal of girdles, corsets, foundations, and shapewear are similar: they are compression garments to shape, to flatten, to hold you in, to hold you up, to improve your posture, and to slim your stomach and waist. Girdles provide a trimming, slimming, and flattening effect on the body. Wearing a girdle is the best way to look slimmer instantly. Girdles are most often strapless and enhance your natural body shape or reshape your natural shape, depending on what type of control you choose.


    Camisoles and Tops for Tummy Control


    We offer a variety of women’s seamless nylon/spandex shaping and slimming camisoles and tops that offer tummy control and body shaping and slimming. We have strapless shapers and slimmers and camisoles and tank tops with adjustable straps. Our camisoles and tops are versatile shaping undergarments. Our waist cinchers work as a girdle and can also be worn as a tube top and slip. Our shaping and slimming camisoles also are available in lace styles and leaf motif designs, which match our panties to create a chic shapewear collection of matching

    undergarments. A cami stomach slimmer and shaper also supports the back and works as a waist trainer to support and train your body to have the proper posture.


    Lace Tops & Lacy Camisoles


    Our camis and tank tops for women have adjustable straps for additional comfort and support to the seamless support of the undergarment. Our seamless lace camis and tops are comfortable and prevent lines, bulges, and creases from your bra from showing through your clothes. Wear our lace tops as undergarments, under a blouse, or as outerwear. One aspect of the versatility of our shapewear collection is that our lace tops and lace bottom pieces add to the stylish and chic qualities of our shapers and slimmers. Our shapers and slimmers shape and slim discreetly under your undergarments and the look of our shapewear makes it not look obvious that it has the function it does. Our lacy cami will shape and slim you comfortably, with elegance and style, under your clothes or as outerwear. Our shapewear collection is elegant and stylish, and our camis are affordable. We are not offering a cheap solution, rather we are offering quality camis that will slim and shape you reliably.


    Strapless Shapewear


    Our strapless shapers create much variety for our shapewear collection. We have classic strapless shapers, such as our 3 in 1 shaper, which functions as a tube top, waist cincher, or slip. We have many shapers without straps, from our shaping full slip and half slip to our leggings and other bottom shapers. Our shaping full slip, compared to our half slip, is a long slip. Our panties are strapless and have lace and designing on them, which contributes an elegant style to our chic shapers in addition to their functionality and technology. We have a high waist panty that has straps to connect to your bra. Our shapers and slimmers are seamless. Our slips, leggings, and bottom shapers will not cause chafing, lines, nor bulging. Our shapers will help prevent lines from showing through your clothing.


    Plus Size Strapless Shaping Slips


    Our shapers are available in a variety of sizes, including plus size. We have plus size panties,

    camisoles, leggings, and shaping slips, and we also have plus size options for our lace shapers. Our shapers will support you comfortably and are elegant and everyday. Targeting multiple areas of the body, such as the tummy, waist, hips, bottom, and thighs, to shape, slim, and trim are what our shapers do. Our shapers and slimmers will hold you up and hold you in reliably to shape more of an hourglass silhouette figure under your clothing.